We offer a broad range of psychological services packaged into the following three professional units:

Clinical Services

We offer psychological assessment and psychotherapeutic/counselling services aimed at children and adults in both inpatient and outpatient contexts. Some of the conditions that we treat are the following:
• Anxiety, depression and other debilitating psychological problems and medical conditions (like HIV/AIDS, hypertension etc.);
• Grief and loss, crisis and trauma;
• Sexual and marital problems;
• Developmental disabilities like mental retardation and childhood problems, like bedwetting and conduct disorders

Psycho-legal Services

We offer a wide range of psycho-legal services. Our focus areas include:
• 3rd Party claims (e.g. Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)/ Road Accident Fund (RAF) and Worker Compensation). This may involve among others; clinical evaluations for post MVA trauma and psychopathological impact, personality and intellectual assessments; and neuropsychological evaluations;
• Domestic issues (e.g. We do child custody evaluations, marriage dissolution and child abuse);
• Civil competencies (e.g. Competency to make treatment decisions, competency to handle finances);
• Competencies relating to criminal cases (e.g. To determine specific intent, diminished capacity, competency to stand trial and sentencing).

Trauma and Wellness

Through a team of registered counsellors and clinical psychologists, we are able to provide counselling and support to individuals and groups that are victims of traumatic situations such as armed robbery, sexual abuse, accidents and deaths, as well as life threatening diseases and illnesses. Our professional team also provides comprehensive employee wellness services that promote mental health and build healthy workplaces