Welcome to Tholene Sodi and Partners Inc

Tholene Sodi and Partners Inc. is a psychology practice that offers a wide range of psychological services to individual clients and organizations. The company is based in Polokwane, which is a strategic location that makes it easy for us to provide services to the entire province of Limpopo. Our client population stretches to adjacent provinces and neighbouring countries in the SADC region.
– General Courses
We provide customised development and training solutions to client organisations in areas like stress management, self management, interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, diversity management, HIV/AIDS, etc.- CPD programmes
Professional Ethics course coming soon!
– HPCSA (www.hpcsa.co.za)
– PsySSA (www.psyssa.com)
– SADAG (www.sadag.co.za)
– SIOPSA (www.siopsa.org.za)