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Tholene Sodi and Partners Inc. is a psychology practice that offers a wide range of psychological services to individual clients and organizations. The company is based in Polokwane, which is a strategic location that makes it easy for us to provide services to the entire province of Limpopo. Our client population stretches to adjacent provinces and neighbouring countries in the SADC region.

Tholene Sodi & Partners Inc traces its history to 1991 when Dr Tholene Sodi opened a part time clinical psychology practice in Polokwane. In 2000, the practice started operating on a full-time basis. In 2003, a consulting unit known as Dr Sodi & Associates cc was formed to complement the clinical psychology practice.

The focus of Dr Sodi & Associates cc was to provide employee wellness services, skills training and corporate assessments for personnel recruitment, romotion/placement. In 2008, the two business units were merged to form Tholene Sodi & Partners Inc. Through this evolution, our company has now grown into a highly professional organization that provides clinical and consulting services to clients in Limpopo province and beyond.

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Our Vision:

To be a market leader in the provision of quality psychological services in Limpopo Province and other neighbouring regions.

Our Mission Strives To:

Reduce levels of psychological distress in communities that we serve.

Promote positive mental health in children, adults and organizations.

Improve the quality of life of individuals and groups

Some of our services

Career Guidance And Counselling

Career guidance is a type of counseling undertaken by professionals to identify and explore the most suitable careers and occupations to start their career in the right direction.

Employee Wellness Programmes

Employee wellness programs are programs undertaken by an employer in order to improve employee health and help individual employees to overcome.

Medico-Legal Assessments

A medico-legal assessment is a process which aims to determine whether a person is fit to work, drive or plead in court.

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